Support Materials - WHMIS Poster, WHMIS Handbook and TDG Handbook

Support Materials

WHMIS Poster

NORCAT's Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) poster is a great reference tool to post in common areas in a workplace. Workers can get a quick reference of all the hazard classes and their associated symbols.

The WHMIS poster is a convenient 11" x 17" size so it can be posted with ease in many locations.

Price per WHMIS poster is $8.00* CDN ea.
Call for quantity discounts. 705-521-8324 ext 220.

WHMIS Handbooks

NORCAT's Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) handbook is an ideal companion to NORCAT's online WHMIS training program. You can quickly reference hazards symbols and look up WHMIS requirements at any time.

TDG Handbook

Drivers of Dangerous goods must carry a TDG handbook with them and have it accessible when they are in transport. NORCAT's Transportation of Dangerous Goods handbook fulfills this requirement and also acts as a handy reference to TDG symbols for those who handle dangerous materials.

$8.50* CDN ea.

Please call 705-521-8324 ext. 220 for handbook pricing, ordering, and quantity discounts.

* taxes and shipping extra