Training for Young Workers Training for Young Workers
Young Employee Safety

NORCAT's youth-oriented internet based training programs provide work guidelines that young employees should know and follow. The programs have been developed to ensure that young workers understand the fundamental information they need to know in order to work safely. NORCAT's youth-oriented programs are perfect lead-ins to more specific training programs which would cover the participants direct safety requirements according to their job. Ensure your young workers are prepared to work safely at your place of business.

YES Young Employee Safety

Outdoor Safety Awareness

In this program, young workers are introduced to the safe practices for lifting heavy objects, painting and staining, grooming landscapes, operating power tools, using gas-powered equipment, working with ladders, confined space awareness, handling hazardous materials, fuelling machinery, and maintaining personal hygiene.

The YES, Outdoor Safety Awareness program is aimed at young workers who will primarily be performing manual labour or outdoor work.

The program highlights rules of conduct, personal protective equipment, personal hygiene, and safe work practices.

Office Safety Awareness

Working in an office environment doesn't seem like a hazardous job. But every day accidents do occur in offices, and many of these accidents can be avoided. By taking a pro-active approach in daily activities, young workers can help reduce the risk of accidents in their workplace.

Young workers who are prepared and understand the potential hazards in their office setting are ready to react when accidents occur.