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If you are participating in NORCAT's online training programs, click the Student Login button below to enter your UserID and Password which were provided to you upon registration.

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To begin your Internet based health and safety training, simply register with the method most convenient to you.

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Once registered, you will receive a UserID and Password list for the number of accounts purchased and FREE access to NORCAT's full featured training record management system (LMS).


Available Courses

NORCAT offers a variety of health and safety training programs delivered by NORCAT's eLearning system.

eLearning Features:

  • Full narration
  • Testing
  • Record keeping
  • Reports
  • Dynamic visuals
  • Low cost per person trained


Experiential Training

We believe that engaged learning is an integral part of the future of learning, training, and development.

Simulation Training

Our simulation training centre features a unique and user-friendly training experience that allows mining operators to "sit in the driver's seat" of various mining machines in order to be trained efficiently and economically. The simulator encourages both new and experienced operators to gain added experience in a realistic, non-destructive environment.

Learn more about Simulation Training

Simulation Training

VR Training

Immerse yourself in this boundary breaking technology. True-to-life virtual environments support training and development to ensure workers in skilled labour industries are both safe and productive while on the job. Realistic virtual environments allow workers to be trained in dangerous scenarios without any risk. Studio NORCAT leverages VR technologies for experiential training or product showcasing, to create engaging and meaningful experiences in interactive environments.

See our Scale VR project to preview our virtual environments at work.

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AR Training

Leveraging advanced AR technologies, Studio NORCAT’s augmented realities enhance natural environments or situations to offer perceptually enriched experiences. Using spatial mapping and speech recognition, we can overlay meaningful data within the world around you - improving the quality of work and learning.

See the FiAR Fire Extinguisher Training Tool for an example of our AR projects.

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Custom eLearning

Is your eLearning working for you?

NORCAT offers complete eLearning solutions from concept to implementation. Script writing, editing, digital media, narration, interactive content, learning management system and technical support are all made easy for your company.

Custom Development

Transform your in-house training into a more cost-effective and efficient tool for employee learning. Companies, large and small, can now develop their own eLearning programs with ease. Simply provide NORCAT with your course content and NORCAT will deliver your complete eLearning solution. NORCAT's eLearning Production department produces all multimedia components in-house. This includes:

  • Program development
  • Script Writing
  • Graphics
  • Video
  • Review questions
  • Testing

Customized eLearning can help your company deliver consistent and effective training each and every time. Employees can conveniently participate in training at their flexible learning environment.

Become a Custom Client

We assist government, industry, and business with the development and presentation of training materials to aid in the education and enhancement of their workforce.

We currently provide custom training to:

  • Government Agencies
  • Municipalities
  • Small & Medium Enterprises
  • Education Sector
  • Mining Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Forest Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • And many more...
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Register your company today to begin benefiting from the efficiency of Internet-based training. Provide your employees with consistent quality training and a low cost-per-person.

Employers with over 50 employees can further save through NORCAT's volume discount offers.

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